WOLF (2000) A multimedia text WOLF

Researchgate; Contact, Voyeurism in Contemporary Art

Multimedia text on Blogger;  Contact (Voyeurism in Contemporary Art)

Researchgate; David Hockey’s 1963 painting ‘Play within a Play’

Multimedia text on Blogger; David Hockney’s Play Within a Play

Researchgate;  No Place Like Home (Alan Kelly & Charlie Colbung From the Mungart Boodja Community Arts Centre)

Researchgate; Make Art Not Admin

Researchgate; Fade to Black The Marginalisation of Media Art in Visual Art Education

Researchgate; Integrating Media Arts Within Core Visual Art Curriculum (Painting the Digital Monster)

Researchgate;  Scoping Study for a National New Media/Electronic Arts Network; MASS/NOMAD Scoping Study

Researchgate;  AUSTRALIAN ART EDUCATION Journal of Art Education Australia Vol. 33, Special Edition No. 2, 2010

SameDifference_ 04 Biennale of Electronic Arts, Perth (BEAP) _ Artlink Magazine


JN Blank_En Passant (remix) 2018