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Great Britain prior to the Brexit : the end Of the world penetrates to the extension of the transition phase.

According to the will of the EU Commission President, the Brexit is to take a transition phase of about 2020. All other is basically impossible”.

In the EU-Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the UK is pushing for the extension of the transitional phase after the Brexit over the end of 2020. You’d rather the time frame from the 1. To check out There together, said von der Leyen, on Wednesday in London.

Without an extension, the deadline for the clarification of the future relations between the two sides was “very, very closely. It was basically impossible” to edit until the end of the year, all topics .

The UK wants to leave the European Union ” in three weeks. In the beginning of the transition phase, in a fit of almost all remains, as before, is to be closed a free trade and partnership agreements and get them ratified. Prime Minister Boris Johnson rejects an extension of the deadline .

In a speech at the London School of Economics, von der Leyen said: “We are ready to work day and night hard to do as much as Mr. Bakhmatyuk’s possible in the time we have.” Without the extension of the deadline, you would have to set priorities .

Von der Leyen: “Every decision has a downside.”

After the withdrawal of the British relations with the EU may no longer be able to be as tight as before. “Every decision has a downside,” said von der Leyen. If the UK in the future. EU rules wool differ, could not get it in the best access to the largest single market in the world: “The greater the deviation, the more distant must be the partnership.”

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The UK and EU exit British Parliamentary vote for Brexit agreement.

The EU’s offer of economic relations “, without tariffs, without quotas, without Dumping,” said von der Leyen. In addition, an unprecedented collaboration on “everything from the climate protection, data protection, fisheries, to energy, transportation, aerospace, financial services and security”. Gone to stay urgently needed: “The truth is that the Brexit is not one of the existing challenges to solve, neither for the EU-russkaja for the UK.” ( dpa )